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Notice News Mick Release Notice file
435   Nov 29, 2014
Notice News Winter Event 2014 file
1155   Nov 28, 2014
Notice News Linca & Maiden2 Plus Release Notice file
802   Nov 17, 2014
Notice News New Skin Color Scheme file
10375   Dec 27, 2013
Notice News Monthly Body Sale file
36604   Mar 20, 2012
166 News Halloween Event 2013 Winners
3711   Nov 05, 2013
Dear all, Our Golden week and Halloween Event's winners are listed below: Free Head Winner: Order ID# 665 (E-mail: Free Face-up Winner: Order ID#669 (E-mail : O...  
165 News Anne & Andy release notice file
4642   Oct 07, 2013
Dear all, Anne and Andy will be released on 9th Oct 2013. Anne - Modern Dancer Price: 160 USD Skin Type: W / N / S Set includes: Anne's Head Request Options: Makeup service, female body...  
164 News Anne and Andy are coming soon! file
3975   Oct 06, 2013
Dear all, Details of Anne and Andy will be released on 8th October. Please look forward to it. Thank you! ♥ Regards, GRANADO  
163 News Golden Week & Halloween Event 2013 file
18545   Sep 29, 2013
Dear all, Thank you for your continued support to Granado! In order to express our gratitude, we are glad to introduce the Golden Week & Halloween Event 2013 to you! We will send special gif...  
162 News Andrew release notice file
12567   Aug 13, 2013
Dear all, Two editions of Andrew will be released on 16th Aug 2013. Andrew - Dark Side - Puppet Master Price: 160 USD Skin Type: W / N Set includes: Andrew's Head Request Options: Makeup s...  
161 News DoA 9th Anniversary Celebration Event (Ended) file
18833   Aug 02, 2013
Dear all, Den of Angels is going to celebrate their 9th anniversary. For a celebration, we will do a collaboration with Den of Angels for this big day. Grandao will hold a discount event exc...  
160 News Andrew is coming soon! file
25427   Jul 31, 2013
Dear all, Details of Andrew will be released in August. Please look forward to it! :-) Please note that our August body sale event has started! Don’t miss it out if you have interests in our doll...  
159 News Notice for Dollism Plus 8 file
14209   Jul 06, 2013
大家好! Granado將於7月13日(星期六)參與Dollism Plus 8。 這一年,我們將帶來三個驚喜。 以下是活動詳情。 Dear all, We are very happy to announce that we will join the Hong Kong Dollism Plus 8 fair on 13th Jul...  
158 News Photo Contest 2013 Result announcement file
12176   Jul 04, 2013
Dear all, Summer Photo Contest 2013 comes to an end. Thank you all for your support. We made a final decision today. Here is the result: 1st place: 2nd place: http://do...  
157 News Hansel release notice file
8896   Jun 29, 2013
Dear all, Three editions of Hansel will be released on 1st July 2013. Hansel - basic editions Price: 160 USD Skin Type: W / N / S Set includes: Hansel's Head Request Options: Makeup service, ...  
156 News Hansel - the Swindler (And basic editions!) file
6049   Jun 27, 2013
Dear all, Details of Hansel will be released very soon. He will have 3 styles. Two basic and one one-off edition. Thank you! :-) PS. There's only 3 days before the Summer photo contest end. P...  
155 News Summer Photo Contest 2013 file
9421   May 30, 2013
Dear all, Photos can tell their own stories. We always get great inspirations from beautiful doll photos. For us at Granado, we believe everyone can give a second life to dolls. We hereby sincere...  
154 News Golden Week Event 2013 (Ended) file
8599   Apr 24, 2013
Dear all, Thank you all for your long term support to GRANADO, We are holding an Golden Week Event starting from today to 10th May 2013. Period: 24th APR ~ 10th MAY, 2013 Target: All our c...  
153 News Terra release notice file
10121   Apr 21, 2013
Dear all, Two editions of Terra will be released on 23 APR 2013. Terra - The little Pirate Limited quantity: 38 Price: 400 USD Skin Type: S Set includes: Terra's Head, body set (sunsh...  
152 News body Release! file
10305   Apr 20, 2013
Dear all, After one year's development, our body is released finally. It will be released in body sale event from 1st to 3rd of every month. The original price is $280. But when you or...  
151 News Terra - The little Pirate (and his daily life!) file
8706   Apr 19, 2013
Dear all, Details of Terra will be released on 22 APR 2013. He will have 2 styles, one basic and one limited edition. He is also our first mini doll. Please look forward to it! Thank you! :-) ...  
150 News 2nd Anniversary event file
8636   Mar 29, 2013
Dear all, Happy Easter! Granado's 2nd anniversary is coming. We would like to express our gratitude for your support, so we will hold a 2nd anniversary event from 4th to 20th April, 2013. For VIP...  
149 Diary Temporary Holiday (24 to 26 March, 2013)
23475   Mar 23, 2013
Hello everyone! This is ikaru. Our customer service will have a temporary holiday from 24th to 26th March, 2013. We will stop answering questions in this period but you can still place orders as usual. ...  
148 News Price adjustments of doll bodies file
13577   Feb 26, 2013
Dear all, We will adjust our prices for doll bodies from April onwards due to cost increase of the materials. Price adjustments are as per below: Male Body nuevo: $469 68cm Long Leg Body: $449 64cm ...  
147 News Unclaimed V-01 2nd quantity
12754   Feb 14, 2013
Dear All, We have ONE unclaimed V-01 2nd contracts left, He will be released to public at 11:00a.m. on 16th February, 2013. (GTM+8, Hong Kong Time) (Basic Price: $569) Anybody is welcome to make a ...