GRANADO Model agency was established on 2000 with the mission to discover and polish potential models to shine on the world stage.
GRANADO is headquartered in Spain and have branched out around the world producing hundreds of top models.
GRANADO is one of the top model agency in the world.
Our company provides professional models, make-up artists and photographers for various events such as, fashion shows, magazine shootings, commercials and exhibition promotions.
Our professional services are highly praised in the modeling industry, and we are proud to provide the best service for our customers.
Supermodels BOYD and GITANA are always ready to work with innovative corporations.


BOYD and GITANA, as world-class top models, brought GRANADO Model agency fame and success.
Each and every model is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses, no matter new or experienced.
Modeling industry is not as fun as it may seem, there are far too many conflicts behind the spotlight than anyone could have imagined.
Recently, the GRANADO headquarter is filled with intense atmosphere with models divided into two rivaling groups under the lead of two supermodels. These two groups are competing each other for fame and success.
As tension engenders, new models are difficult to maintain neutral and they may have to follow the flow and pick sides.

Project Story

Project Cinderella is a world-class training program under GRANADO.
GRANADO established the program with a focus to provide future models the world's best modelling education and experiences.
GRANADO has the best mentors in Project Cinderella for new models to develop their true potential and to shine on stage.

Granado Studio

We, GRANADO, is a studio specialized in making ball jointed doll in Mainland China; we were established in April, 2011.
We focus in humanized design, devote to provide the best ball-jointed dolls as much as humanly possible.
Our goal is to keep everything simple; by not over decorating, we hope to show the innate beauty of our Dolls to the world.
Our Dolls are avant-garde, elegant and filled with inspiration and possibilities.
Cinderella, a self-made brand created by our Doll Artisan Crocus Lee, has been in operation for a few years, specializing in sculpting ball-jointed dolls. Establishing a doll making studio is every doll maker's dream, that's how GRANADO is established.