Dear all,

Winter is coming!  Holy Night Festival is also coming back!
Granado is hosting a Holy Night Festival : SS from 17/11/2017 to 17/11/2018.
All previous released Solar System series doll will back to Granado in this Winter.
Also there will be a super-blessed discount, and also you can order a "A Bit Kitty" to your love one, or yourself! :-D

Period: 17 Nov 2018 ~ 17th Dec 2018
Target: All our customers who would like to order our Solar System series doll and VINDOLL

1. Solar System series dolls are re-release!
Large doll: Mercury, Mercury:RG, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus.Evo, Neptune and Pluto
Titan doll: Saturn, Saturn.S


2. SuperBlessed Discount!
a) Order over 1100USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets a "A Bit Kitty" for only $0.1 & 15% Discount!

b) Order over 900USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets a "A Bit Kitty" for only $0.1 & 10% Discount!

c) Order over 700USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets a "A Bit Kitty" for only $0.1 & 5% Discount!

d) Order over 500USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets a "A Bit Kitty" for only $0.1.


A Bit Kitty

Event Price: 0.1 USD
Doll Type: 4
Set includes: A Bit Kitty
Request Options: Faceup with body blushing, accessories and Ear off head cap

Note: If your order is not over $500, we will refund your A Bit Kitty's fee.

- After you placed an order and made an authenticate with us on QnA Board or E-mail, we will refund the discount via PayPal.
- Please authenticate with your order ID to us by 11th Jan 2019, otherwise the discount will be invalid.


And also a good news! Our 8th VINDOLL is now here!

He is Andrew! :-D


Early Bird Price: 349 USD (original price: $370)
Skin Type: N / T / B
Set includes: Andrew's Head with Eyes and face-up, VINDOLL body set, Underwear, random color fur wig

:: First round of pre-order ::
From 17th Nov 2018 to 17th Dec, 2018

:: Special ::
The first batch of VINDOLL Andrew is planned to ship around Jan, 2019.

Thank you very much, we wish you a Merry X'mas and Happy new year <3


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