Dear all,

Have you ever worried that you might be at risk of alien abduction any moment?
But aside from you, BJDs have the resemblance of a real human.
Aliens may mistakenly kidnap your BJD instead of you.
So we, Granado, proudly presents : Alien Abduction Insurance.

:: Key Features ::
1) We will negotiate for the doll's release.
2) Loss of doll parts protection. (Ex: Hands, Legs, Mr. DingDong...)
3) Responsible for any damage to property on your dolls' return to earth.
4) USD 0.0001 coverage limit.
5) Cover limited to two alien abductions during any annual policy period
6) Exclusions: Fraud; Acts of God; Abduction of any humans or pets.

:: Premium ::
3 pictures of your dolls each month and some of LOVE.

Come to us and buy insurances for your beloved BJDs!