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Dear all,

Same as Vigor body, the 1st round of Female Embody pre-order also have different size crowdfunding.
Female Embody will like Lucifer in Vigor body, it is a whole doll. The first head Jane, she is in “The Elites” series.
If we received at least 5 orders for 1 size, we can start making it.

Jane's crowdfunding works as follow:



Crowdfunding period: From 03 / 05 / 2019 to 15 / 06 / 2019

You can choose a size first, then click to order it with deposit. ($100)
When we reach 5 orders for 1 size, we will send you an E-mail to ask for the remainder.
Then you can make the full payment. (without shipping fee)
We will ask for the shipping fee by mail after we made the doll.


Different size prize is like above picture.

If we cannot reach 5 orders for 1 size before deadline, we will refund your deposit.


You can also check a short video here:

Thank you very much!