CoverDollie, A new cosmetics

Granado 2020.04.01 01:02 Views : 104



Have you ever feel frustrated to buy a BJD and have to paint them with specific BJD make up products?
Have you ever imagine using the same make up products for both yourself and your BJD?
Granado proudly presents, CoverDollie,

a new cosmetics that can be used by both human and BJD!

1: Made from out of the world material (products vary from marker, pastel and acrylic)
2: No MSC is required
3: Natural colour and long lasting
4: Easy to clean, acetone? No need!
5: Tested by over 10000 dolls,  none have allergic reactions



CoverDollie includes the following products:

Eye shadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Powder box, Lipstick, Powder brush and many more.
We will make you and your dolls glow in perfection.

Marker pastel acrylic, the perfect Trinity.