News Photo Contest 2017

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Dear all,

This year our photo contest is also back!
Same as 2015 and 2016's photo contest, all submitters will get a prize! :-)

:: Entry Qualifications ::
Customers who owned our dolls and love photography.

:: Entry Period ::
2017/1/18 - 2017/2/28 (closes at 12:00 p.m. Hong Kong standard time)

:: Photo Types ::
A single photo or a set photo.
All photos must include Granado dolls, but there are no restrictions for including other brand's dolls.
Please submit the photos to
You can give a title and a little description for your photos.

:: Awards and Prizes ::
1st place:
The winner will receive a new normal skin doll head for free. (Value: $170)
You can choose doll heads that we released before.
(Exclude the doll heads that we announced discontinued forever like Taya, Titus, Fayette...
But doll such as Mars, Venus, Nico and others are still available.)
The winner does not need to pay for the shipping fee.

2nd place:
The winner will receive a $50 Coupon.
You can use it when you order $120 or above.

3rd place:
The winner will receive a $30 Coupon.
You can use it when you order $120 or above.

All submitters:
All submitters will receive 2% discount (Not include shipping fee) for the future purchase.
All discount will be refunded via PayPal after customer made an authenticate with us.

:: Submission Rules ::
1) Each customer can only submit a total of 10 works.
2) File format: JPEG, File size should be less than 2 MB.
3) All photos must be original works that have not formerly been shown on any websites.
4) We may use your photos for future advertisement.
5) The winners will be notified through email by early March 2017.
6) Coupon and discount should be used within 365 days after the result is notified.
Thank you very much!

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