News 6th Anniversary Event Notice

Granado 2017.03.31 16:07 Views : 9005


Dear all,

Time has passed so fast, our 6th anniversary is coming!
In order to show our gratitude of your support, we will hold an event from 3rd to 21st April, 2017.
Event information as shown below:

1) 4 Dolls are re-released!
Saturn, Fabio, Andrew and Pancho are back to Granado in a limited period!

3rd to 9th, April, 2017 - Date with Fabio and Saturn / Saturn.S
10th to 16th, April, 2017 - Date with Pancho and Andrew.Evo
17th to 21st, April, 2017 - Date with Them all

2) Discount!
a) Order over 1000USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets 10% Discount
b) Order over 800USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets 8% Discount
c) Order over 650USD (Not including shipping fee) - Gets 5% Discount

- VINDOLL series does not join the event.
- After you placed an order and made an authenticate with us on QnA Board or E-mail, we will refund the discount via PayPal.
- Please authenticate with your order ID to us by 28th Apr 2017, otherwise the discount will be invalid.

Thank you very much <3