Diary Notice of Lux Doll (Important)

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Last year, a company called Lux Doll (Contact person: Nguyễn Quí Lâm) reached out to us and would want us to make a female doll body for them.

At that time, we reached an agreement that we would produce no less than 200 copies of dolls.

Then we received 1/10 of the total cost deposit. (this deposit cannot cover our cost.)

After we gave Nguyễn Quí Lâm a set photo of the 3D-Model prototype and resin version, He said the prototype is perfect,

then he demanded we need to send them 3 of resin version so that they can attract investors.

Despite the fact we didn't receive full pay of the resin models, we trusted Nguyễn Quí Lâm and sent them out in October 2018.

However, in the March of 2019, Lux Doll completely ignored all our E-mails and messages, and they deleted all our messages on Facebook.

On 17th may 2019, we found out that Nguyễn Quí Lâm and Lux Doll Facebook page posted a content which indicated they remodeled our resin prototype and intends to launch it.

在2018年6月,我們曾經有談過替一家名為LuxDoll的公司(連絡人為Nguyễn Quí Lâm)製作女娃,當時的條件已談為須製作200體,對方亦有答應,






This is our resin pictures, taken by Crocus Lee. Which we sent them.
And Nguyễn Quí Lâm said they are prefect.

上圖是我方傳給Nguyễn Quí Lâm,由我們拍攝的樹脂相片。

Nguyễn Quí Lâm說他們很完美。


They posted our pictures on their Facebook Fanpage on 2rd March, 2019.



Lux Doll and Nguyễn Quí Lâm posted a post on 15th May, 2019, about their “new body” and intends to launch it.
Lux Doll has deleted their post after we leave a comment.

Lux Doll 及 Nguyễn Quí Lâm在2019年5月15日在臉書貼上了改造身體的相片,以及打算推出市面。

在我們留言之後,Lux Doll把帖子刪除。

Due to they are in Vietnam, it is quite difficult and costly to solve it by legal means.

We can only hope everyone aware of the situation and do not purchase any prodcuts from this company.

Thank you very much.






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