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Dear all,

Boyd is coming back in Halloween! Last time he appeared nearly naked. This time, we present to you a new Boyd. To show his profession in modeling, Boyd is going to show his face in the all new designed costume – The “Goodbye Summer” set which is designed by Nabarro.
Boyd will be available for booking on 7th October, 11:00a.m. Hong Kong time. (GMT +8)

For his final job, Boyd will only work for 2 months; the first 25 customers whom purchase his head (any kind) together with the body, you will enjoy a special discount for the body. We will have 64cm Body and the special 68cm Long leg Body, for the special offer, 64cm Body will be 300USD (Original price: USD 370) and 68cm Long leg Body will be 320USD. (Original price: USD 390)
Meanwhile, from October to November, if you purchase both heads, you will also enjoy a discount, the two heads will only be 240 USD. (Original price: USD 320)
Boyd Nightmare ordering period will end on 30th November, afterward, he will retire and will not show his face anymore.

. Ordering Period: from 7th October to 30th November
. Each head: 160USD. Purchase both heads for 240USD.
. Boyd's head size (circumference): 20cm. Eye size: 12~14mm
. Additional Body price: 300USD (64cm) (Original price: USD 370) 320USD (68cm Long leg) (Original price: USD 390)
. Set includes: Boyd's Normal & Nightmare Head, 64cm Male Body / 68cm Long Leg Body, a pair of Normal Hands, A pair of Normal Feet, A pair of Male Heel Feet.


Next good news is our first outfit “Goodbye Summer “is available on the same day.
This is our first project to release clothing. We work together with designer Nabarro and we hope that beside of model agency, we can expand our business in the fashion industry also. ;D
“Goodbye Summer “is designed by Nabarro and made by Crocus.

. Size: fits both 64cm Male body / 68cm Long Leg Body
. Price: 110USD
. Includes: Hat, lace muffler, shirt, trousers, galluses, socks.

For our loyal customers
Boyd also wants to show his care for our loyal customer. For those who purchased anything form us, Boyd will offer his special face: “Boyd Nightmare Head” for only 80 USD.
If you are interest in this new head, please mail us your real name and certificate number, to (or just tell us on our QnA Board!).
After we verify your purchase, we will reply you with a special portal where can purchase the Boyd Nightmare Head.
One certificate number can purchase one “Boyd Nightmare Head”.
This page will also let you purchase normal hands (18USD) and new B.J.Hands. (80USD).


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