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Dear all,

Happy Easter! Granado's 2nd anniversary is coming.
We would like to express our gratitude for your support, so we will hold a 2nd anniversary event from 4th to 20th April, 2013.


For VIPs:

It will be same as last year, we will open a custom-made doll system exclusive to our VIPs.
All the dolls that were released previously could be re-order.

(Scout, Titus, Taya and Takuya will be excluded. As their prototypes are disfigured.

Also, VIPO series are not included as well.)
You can also order them with special skin.

Every VIP can send a request to us through e-mail (
But please note that you may only order the whole doll. The price is listed as below.

Head ($160)
Male body neuvo ($399)
64cm Male body ($359)
68cm Male body ($379)
Female body neuvo ($349)

White, New Normal ,Asura(+10), Pure White(+10, New color!), Sunshine(+70), Chocolate(+90)

Please note that Fayette in custom-made does not include Cupid's Petal.

If you would like to purchase the petal, it will cost an additional $10.
Also, you could only order the same gender that we have released.

O : Sidonia in Asura skin with female body neuvo.
X : Sidonia in Asura skin with 64cm Male body.


For all customers:

Special gift set returns and will comes in 2 versions. You may pick one from it.
1 ) Doll head for two ($240)
2 ) Doll head for one, with face-up ($200)

The heads in the special gift set will be randomly picked.
But you can choose the skin color. Below is the head list.

V-01 / V-02 / V-03 / V-04 / V-05 (Wooo!)
Boyd / Boyd Nightmare / Sidonia / Gitana / Guilem / Fayette / Chaka / Davon / Void.f / Xavier / Charles / Katrien

Also, April's body sale event will be held from 1st to 3rd April.
There will be a price adjustment for doll bodies from 1st April. Thank you for your understanding.



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